Hello! My name's Elizabeth Mae Miller, but you can call me Lizzy. (Unless you're feeling fancy, then by all means, call me Elizabeth.) In addition to being an actor, I'm also a writer, yogi, ukulele player, reader, tea enthusiast  and chocolate chip cookie connoisseur. 

My acting career has taken me to major cities, small towns and the open seas.   I’ve been cast as a mermaid, a hopeful teenager, a ghost, a fairy, a bird, a knight in shining armor, a narcissistic villain, and a princess (on more than one occasion.)

I was born in Detroit, Michigan (Go Tigers!) and now reside in NYC. When I'm not auditioning, I'm writing scripts, taking class, filming sketches, and singing to my heart's content.

Thanks for stopping by, pals. While you're here, check out my video clips, headshots, blog posts and check back for career/life updates.

Hope you have a wonderful day!





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