I’m so annoyed. It’s 1999 and I’m so annoyed because my little cousin, Jack, has once again stolen my thunder.  This was supposed to be MY Thanksgiving play, and he has completely hijacked it with his adorable two-year-old self. Why had I even bothered to write this script about the journey on the Mayflower if … Read more

Birthday Eve

When I turned three years old, I expected to have a costume party like my sister Mary had a few weeks before. For Mary’s 5th birthday, she dressed up as an angel, and her pals came over dressed up as cowboys, fairies, artists, minnie mouses, dancers and clowns. I was a bunny. So naturally, I … Read more


I cannot believe the month of October is almost over. It feels like it just arrived, but my Susan Branch Calendar hanging in my kitchen tells me that it’s almost time for Halloween!! I adore Halloween. Always have. It combines two of life’s greatest treasures: sweets and dressing up in costumes. It also is the … Read more

Run Happy!

I never loved running. I ran track at St. Michael Catholic School during 4th grade because that’s what all my pals did. We were cheerleaders during football and basketball seasons, we ran track in the spring, and we Irish Danced and participated in Girl Scouts all year round.  The nice thing about running was, even … Read more