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Another month another blog! (I wrote that like a week ago when it was still May but then I didn’t have time to post because I was having a hometown Ohio adventure soooo here we are!) May was a productive, exciting, but also somewhat scattered month. When I get anxious because I feel like my to-do list is a mile long—and every time I check off thirty items another 60 get added to the list—- I like to take a moment to sit in my quiet room and journal. Or do some yoga, reflect, try to meditate (then read a blog post about meditating because I feel like I’m not doing it right and then I’m like wait this is so not the point of meditating.) I do all these things and they feel good. But you know what feels GREAT? Making something. I love a good craft/ new vision board. But when I really wanna unwind and feel like I’ve actually accomplished something- I like to bake. Cookies, cakes- you name it. The sweeter the better. I cook all the time now (saving that $$$) so BAKING feels like an extra special treat. Something I used to do all the time in college but don’t have the time to do now. But you know what? TODAY I MAKE TIME.

SO here’s a little bloggity blog where I am gonna share one of my favorite recipes with you. I love baking fancy brownies or cupcakes- but sometimes you only have time to make a quick and easy treat! So—here is the deal. This is not a perfect recipe and it changes every time I make it. I encourage you to try this recipe as well (unless you have a nut allergy, then sorry friends- maybe try it with sunbutter? But I cannot guarantee that it will taste divine for I have not tried that ingredient just yet.) Think of it more as a “choose your own adventure” sort of recipe. You want more bananas- DO IT! Can’t guarantee that it’ll work but hey! go with your heart! Do you want more chocolate. That is always ok. DO you want the texture to be like kinda weird but feel proud of yourself for trying  something new- then do what I did last week and add a bunch of flour and and an egg and then make your roommates try multiple sample cookies till you finally throw in the towel and realize the original recipe is best.

Alrighty kids. Grab your spoons and the following ingredients and lets get this party started.

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(not pictured- the third banana that I had already chopped up in the bowl before I thought- I should take a picture like a real food blogger)


*An open mind/heart


*abouuut A CUP OF PEANUT BUTTER (OR almond butter- LOOOOVE that almond butter but its expensive ya know? I’ve also used earth balance’s peanut butter with coconut oil and it is SO SO GOOD.)

*TWO CUPS OATS  (get gluten free ones if you’re allergic or just not into gluten these days)

*CHOCOLATE (you can go two routes here- get trader joes semi sweet chocolate chips OR get unsweetened chocolate chips. I actually sometimes like the unsweetened and then you don’t have extra sugar- but we all know that the chocolate chips with the sugar are gonna taste better to most of our friends and family and our inner child) If you don’t have chocolate chips then break out that emergency chocolate bar you have in your freezer (We all have that right?)

*MUSIC OR IRA GLASS (I always bake with a 90’s playlist, soothing classical music, Leslie Gore Pandora station or some quality episodes of this American life. I recommend episodes #259-The Promised Land, #109 Notes on Camp, #61 Fiasco!)



*dried fruit

*a friend (baking with buddies is GREAT but sometimes its nice to chill by yourself am I right?)

*apron – for me this is not optional- I have a collection of 8 aprons but I mean to each their own- if wearing an apron doesn’t bring you joy then you go ahead and live your life.

*cup of tea (we hydrate in this household)

Before we begin- preheat that oven to 350 degrees

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Step one


Step two


Step three


Step four

Do a sun salutation, or some fierce and fun dance moves

Step five

Text back that person you meant to text back like 6 hours ago

Step six


Step Seven

Sample the chocolate chips to make sure you like them

Step Eight


Step Nine

TRY A SPOONFUL OF THE BATTER (and be like wooooot there’s no eggs so no risk of salmonella!)

Step Ten

Decide if you wanna add raisins or nuts

Step Eleven

FORM BATTER INTO BALLS (and place on the baking sheet that hopefully you’ve lined with parchment paper- not wax paper. people.) If you didn’t have the parchment paper then don’t worry about it. THEN FLATTEN WITH A FORK

Step Twelve

Let these little gemstones bake for like 11 minutes or until a fork comes out clean (Use a toothpick if you have one- I never do- hence- fork)

Step Thirteen


I hope you all enjoy these cookies if you make them. They are so easy and so good. If you really don’t feel like baking but want a treat I recommend just melting some good old peanut butter and chocolate chips together in a mug in the microwave and then spreading it on a piece of toast, or dipping pretzels in it.

Vegetables are the best, but treats are an important part of life, and making them is super fun. Let us not forget what Iris Murdoch once said:

“One of the secrets to a happy life is continuous small treats.”



(Shout out to the internet to directing me to the website where I found the recipe that inspired mine — )

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