I cannot believe the month of October is almost over. It feels like it just arrived, but my Susan Branch Calendar hanging in my kitchen tells me that it’s almost time for Halloween!!

I adore Halloween. Always have. It combines two of life’s greatest treasures: sweets and dressing up in costumes. It also is the reason we have some of the greatest songs ever created.

What songs you ask? Well, the revamped Christmas Carols we sang at my grade school, of course! Who wants to to hear “Silver Bells” when you can sing “Shivery Yells?” And let us never forget “We Three Ghosts” or “Ghosties we have heard on High.” My siblings and I always get a huge laugh remembering these tunes, and my sweet mom requests that we refrain from singing them during the Christmas season (Why is it so much easier for me to remember the lyrics to “The Twelve Days of Halloween” than the “Twelve Days of Christmas?”)

I’m so lucky I had such an amazing neighborhood to trick or treat in as a kid. There were houses like mine that put up some fun decorations (more treat than trick) and handed out respectable amounts of delicious candy.  Some houses went ALL out. I had a neighbor who would dress up as a prop scarecrow and every year would jump out and scare us all. One neighbor dressed up as The Phantom of the Opera and the title song could be heard playing from his stereo as you walked down the street. That was my favorite house. At my grade school, we were only allowed to dress up for Halloween in kindergarten and first grade. I was so sad as a second grader to see all of the first graders in their superhero,wizard, and fairy costumes, while the only thing I could do to spice up my school uniform was wear an orange and black headband and socks with pumpkins on them. In 5th grade, though we were still not allowed to dress up, we were permitted to put costumes on bananas. Which was fun. But also kind of weird. Why bananas? Why not avocados or apples or cucumbers?


There was the Halloween I jumped off my porch, convinced that my fairy wings would make me fly (they did not), the year that I threw a fit because my mom made me wear mittens and two turtle necks under my Esmeralda costume because it was 30 degrees outside (I was horrified my costume lost its authenticity in my mom’s effort for me to avoid pneumonia), the year that I moved to Ohio and didn’t really have friends yet and was so relieved when a group asked me to trick or treat with them (I was also super thrilled when one of the boys of the group told me he didn’t like candy and would trade all of his snickers for my pretzels -twelve years later this cool cat became my boyfriend), and the year that I realized I was too old to trick or treat and passed out candy with my pal, Courtney.

So cheers to a Happy Halloween everybody! Stay safe! Eat lots of Candy, dress up in a costume that makes you super happy! Don’t forget to watch the Halloween classic movies. And no— I am not referring to scary movies. (Although if watch terrifying movies is your jam then, of course, be my guest.)  But I insist you remember the brilliant “Hocus Pocus,” and “Its The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.” Maybe throw in a Halloween themed TV episode for good measure ( May I suggest Pete and Pete’s “Halloweenie?” I know what you’re thinking- Lizzy, its not 1994 how am I supposed to watch this? Don’t worry- it’s on YouTube. And while we are discussing 90’s gems- most of the Are you afraid of the Dark episodes can be found there as well. So fear not.) Enjoy friends! Happy Halloweeeeeen!

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