Love letter to July

Hey pals! I hope you had a lovely July— it’s one of my favorite times of the year. (Other preferred months include October, December, and sometimes May.)

Bookended by June and August, July is the delicious vanilla ice cream in the summer ice cream sandwich. My childhood July’s were filled with catching fireflies, riding bicycles to the park, beating the heat with trips to pool, playing basketball in our driveway, making princess flower crowns, and attending an annual family reunion at the beach. July sparkled with adventure- you’d hit your stride for summer fun, and you still had a whole month of summer to savor and/or panic when July finished.

Of course, in adulthood, summers don’t always carry the brilliance they boasted in our youth. For adult me, summer often means: crowded, smelly subways, missing out on my family vacations because of work, and the dreaded reminder that the year is halfway over and what have I done with it?!

SO I am super pleased and oh so grateful that last month I got to have a wonderful July that included a trip to the Catskills with my fella, a trip home to Ohio for my dear friend’s wedding, rosé at the end of particularly long work days, yoga classes, ukulele practice sessions, fabulous hours spent reading delicious books, and finally trying out new recipes that I’d bookmarked ages ago.(Like this guy:  AMAZING.)

While the beginning of July was full of adventure, I finished the month with some inspired productivity. I really and truly decluttered/organized/ cleaned my apartment.  I wrote scripts for new sketches, worked on song selections for an upcoming cabaret, and continued work on new musical projects! Speaking of which, if you’re so inclined, check out Volunteer Cheerleader! My boyfriend Jordan, and our friend Chris started this band and they’re wonderful! They even let me sing on the latest track— check it out here:


Have a beautiful day!

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