When I look back on 2016 the most important lesson I’ve learned is this:

Make Stuff.


Seriously. This has been the answer to so many of my problems/concerns/fears this year. For example–

Feeling weird cause you abandoned your blog again? Just make a new post!

Feeling like there’s just never enough time to get everything done. Make time! (LOL this is impossible-I’m not a time fairy so I can’t make time, but I sure can make room in my life to prioritize and set goals that I can accomplish by managing my time better. Getting a functional planner is super helpful in this endeavor, as is spending less time on social media.)


Not getting seen for some film auditions? Make your own project (and then share it right here! Hey guys check out this silly little video I made with the wonderful Jordan Sommerlad!)


Feeling like your youth is slipping away before you’ve gotten the chance to enjoy living in one of the coolest cities ever ? Make plans! You don’t have to spend a gazillion dollars-you can still be social and have fun. Stop procrastinating! See example below

Step one-call/text friend you ran it to the other day and you both said “let’s get coffee sometime”

Step two “sometime”=now. Find coffee shop and go!


Not a lot of money for Christmas presents this year? Make them! I had a lot of fun making gifts for my family and friends this year-next year I’ll be rich enough to buy them all cars (you can laugh but I’m just putting that out in the universe, k?)


Feeling tired? Make energy (My personal recipe for energy includes a lot of adulting—- Sleep+ exercise+good nutrition+deep breaths=energy)


Feeling helpless cause the electoral college didn’t choose the most highly qualified candidate for President? Make phone calls and write letters to your reps. Make sure we call out people who are being intolerant.


Feeling frazzled? Make peace within. I know this will incite a huge eyeroll from some folks-but seriously- we gotta take care of ourselves. We must help others, love others, stand up for others–and this starts with showing up and loving ourselves. So as we say goodbye to 2016 and hello to 2017 let’s Make fun plans! Make strategies for combatting injustice (check out this website for advice )Make goals that align with who we want to be! Make ourselves aware of what’s happening in our world! Make new friends! Make awesome cookies! Make new projects!

Cheers everybody! Have fun making stuff xoxo

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