New York Fairy Tale

So who here doesn’t just adore You’ve Got Mail? Some of my friends in New York dreamt of moving to the Sex in the City’s New York.  Others imagined A Big Apple a la Breakfast at Tiffany’s.  Then of course there is a Girls New York, How I met your Mother New York, Friends New York, Muppets Take Manhattan New York, Gossip Girl New York…..But my New York fantasy is completely wrapped up in Nora Ephron’s (perfect) film, You’ve Got Mail.

I love the movie more and more, especially as the technology and fashion in the 1998 masterpiece grow more dated. (It ups the charm factor to me.) When I’m blue, I watch this movie.  When I’m sentimental, I watch this movie. Excited, anxious, hungry, elated— I watch this movie. I often fall asleep listening to the soundtrack. (Nothing wards off unpleasant or scary thoughts like a delightful blend of The Cranberries, Stevie Wonder and Jimmy Durante.) The only movie that I quote more than this one is another Miller family favorite- Little Women. Christian Bale is amazing in everything- but he will forever be Laurie in my mind.

I digress. My New York isn’t the fairy tale that Kathleen Kelley inhabits. (Although even she has her struggles. SPOILER ALERT- the flashback of her twirling with her mom as she leaves her bookstore for the last time always makes me WEEP.) However, there are similarities. I’ve visited Cafe Lalo, and though Tom Hanks has never walked in and had an argument with me, I HAVE sampled their desserts and recommend the dairy-free cheesecake.  I have a fabulous community of friends, like Kathleen. I enjoy walks in the park, and decorating for the holidays, spending time in bookstores. Unlike Kathleen, I don’t have to wait until I get home to turn on my computer, wait for the dial up connection and the upbeat “You’ve got Mail” greeting to see if I have an email; I just get a notification on my phone. It’s kind of crazy to walk around with a mini computer in your purse. (I’m also terrible at deleting these emails, and as a result, they- all 1200 of them- are taking up a whole lotta space on my phone.)

So do yourself a favor, friends. If you want to watch a New York love story/ fairytale, get yourself some popcorn, (I recommend putting coconut oil on said popcorn with a decent amount of salt) get some tissues, (you might not need them – but better safe than sorry) pour yourself some tea, wine, cocoa, whatever, and watch this movie. And when you’re done, go ahead and watch Sleepless in Seattle. Because who doesn’t love a Tom Hanks/ Meg Ryan double feature?

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