Love letter to July

Hey pals! I hope you had a lovely July— it’s one of my favorite times of the year. (Other preferred months include October, December, and sometimes May.) Bookended by June and August, July is the delicious vanilla ice cream in the summer ice cream sandwich. My childhood July’s were filled with catching fireflies, riding bicycles to … Read more

Slow down, Time!

“Time is not a thing that passes … it’s a sea on which you float.” ~MARGARET ATWOOD WOOOOAAAHHH, APRIL! HOLD UP- WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU’RE GOING?! Caps-lock is aggressive, but totally justified here. Truly—where is this year going?? Remember when you were a child, and your elders warned you about the quick passing of … Read more


When I look back on 2016 the most important lesson I’ve learned is this: Make Stuff.   Seriously. This has been the answer to so many of my problems/concerns/fears this year. For example– Feeling weird cause you abandoned your blog again? Just make a new post! Feeling like there’s just never enough time to get … Read more


Another month another blog! (I wrote that like a week ago when it was still May but then I didn’t have time to post because I was having a hometown Ohio adventure soooo here we are!) May was a productive, exciting, but also somewhat scattered month. When I get anxious because I feel like my … Read more

Crying in the Big Apple

GUYS! IM BAAAAAACK Hey remember that time I started a blog but then never had time to update it so this poor little section of my website sat lonely and neglected until I finally hid it for a minute (a few months) until I was ready to repost? Well I’m back! (Hi mom!) And today … Read more


Dearest pals, I have an embarrassing but unfortunately unsurprising confession to make. I have a case of chronic over apologizingitus. I have had this condition for a long time now, and I really need to find a cure. I’m not talking about necessary apologies, you know, the ones you offer when you’ve actually done something … Read more


I’m so annoyed. It’s 1999 and I’m so annoyed because my little cousin, Jack, has once again stolen my thunder.  This was supposed to be MY Thanksgiving play, and he has completely hijacked it with his adorable two-year-old self. Why had I even bothered to write this script about the journey on the Mayflower if … Read more

Birthday Eve

When I turned three years old, I expected to have a costume party like my sister Mary had a few weeks before. For Mary’s 5th birthday, she dressed up as an angel, and her pals came over dressed up as cowboys, fairies, artists, minnie mouses, dancers and clowns. I was a bunny. So naturally, I … Read more


I cannot believe the month of October is almost over. It feels like it just arrived, but my Susan Branch Calendar hanging in my kitchen tells me that it’s almost time for Halloween!! I adore Halloween. Always have. It combines two of life’s greatest treasures: sweets and dressing up in costumes. It also is the … Read more