Slow down, Time!

“Time is not a thing that passes … it’s a sea on which you float.”



Caps-lock is aggressive, but totally justified here. Truly—where is this year going??

Remember when you were a child, and your elders warned you about the quick passing of time. They’d advise you to enjoy your moments, because it all goes by so quickly. If you were like 6 year old me, your response was probably:

“naaaaaahhhhhh that’s cool! everything moves too slowly anyway. Especially when Mom drags me to T.J. Maxx” (aka purgatory for 6 year olds.)


Turns out, the older generation was correct. However, they neglected to mention that the time accelerator doesn’t kick in until your mid-twenties, and then you feel like you must maintain a light jog/occasional sprint just to keep up with the passing days.


I’m constantly trying to find ways to make time- but turns out only those who possess magical powers can achieve such feats. What I would give to have Hermione Granger’s time turner or Doc’s DeLorean. If I could have a super power I would definitely want to time travel. (Although flying would also be fabulous.)


SO. In an effort to enjoy the time before it dashes away— I’ve decided to make a conscious effort to spend more time doing the things I love, and spending time with the people I love. This week, I sang often, returned to acting class, exercised enough, wore less makeup, read for hours, had lunch with dear friends, and ate avocado on multiple occasions.  Today, I wrote stories, and drew cartoons and drank a matcha latte at a Williamsburg coffee shop whose speaker system whispered bad covers of John Mayer melodies. I realize, as I draw doodles and drink in the gray sky on the eve of May, how incredibly lucky I am to have time, even though it sometimes feels like it’s running away. 


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